RavenTech Consulting Ltd. is a West coast company that has been helping organizations just like yours to excel and prosper by providing high level consulting expertise in the Information Technology sector.

We are looking to do more than just give companies “peace of mind” when it comes to their IT infrastructure and enterprise-wide software application implementations. We are assisting corporations and large organizations evolve and become stronger, more competitive and yet appreciated by all those they help with their products or services.

Our vision is to find and work with like minded companies, to not only prosper but to give back locally and globally. We feel that capitalism is at a tipping point (Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System by Philip Kotler) and that if you want to sustain profits and grow into a global leader, you must be in harmony with these new trends.

We look forward to working with the people that understand that it’s no longer about profit at any cost. The new age of companies that profit through cooperative understanding between stakeholders, management and employees, is to us the new pinnacle of corporate responsibility.