IT Testimonials

Rod Thomson
Principal at Minuteman Press South Surrey

“I have been working with Rick since early 2010 when he reviewed the computer systems at Minuteman Press. At the time we were having significant challenges with our network and transferring data to the Server and printers.

Rick undertook a comprehensive diagnosis of the challenges we faced, the capabilities of the hardware & software in the shop & the type of business we run. At the conclusion of his analysis, Rick put forward a comprehensive plan to address the issues with our system. His estimate was detailed and outlined the specific course of action, equipment and suppliers needed to address the problems.

Rick arranged and coordinated the installation of the new equipment and undertook to install certified copies of all software throughout our operation. Rick also documented all hardware and software and indicated the layout of the network so future work can be accomplished more efficiently.

Ricks’ skill in analyzing the computers and network challenges we faced was balanced with this good listening and communication skills to meet our specific needs. His solution was not a tech driven plan but rather a plan to meet our day-to-day production needs and achieve a return on our IT investment.

Rick has also maintained good follow up to ensure any challenges we face are dealt with expediently and with the least disruption to our production. Rick also installed a backup system and remote access for us so we can rest assured information is available from other locations or is able to be restored should it be required. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick as an IT partner & consultant.”

David Childs
Living Blueprint Founder & Brand Strategist

“Rick Sparks has been providing Living Blueprint with professional IT consulting services for the past four years. We hired him to set up and re-configure our critical production Mac Server.

At the time we had an improperly configured Server and there were major issues of not being able to share critical design files and elements between the Windows PCs and Macs on our network. In addition, there was no security of sensitive financial data on the Server. These problems were severely impacting our business and a cause of frustration for our Design, Accounting and Management staff.

Rick assessed the situation and initiated a strategic plan to resolve the issues within a very short period of time during non-business hours so as to not disrupt our daily business. Rick has provided us with a total solution, resulting in a more reliable and secure network that allows all computers to seamlessly share data files easily. He has excellent communication skills and has provided us with thorough reporting, documentation and follow up.

We look forward to our continued good relations with Rick and highly recommend his IT services.”

Annette Sharpe
Director of Culture & Accomplishment at Brandspank Retail Marketers

“Rick Sparks has been our IT service provider for nearly three years. Though he is an independent contractor, since the beginning, we have always it has always felt (and thought of him) as if he is part of the Brandspank family/team.

Throughout his time with us, Rick has helped bring some cohesion and confidence to our company; as a result, he has been a big part of our evolution as an organization. This is mainly due to the fact that we were freed-up to focus on our growth strategies and on our clients’ business—rather than trying to take care of our IT needs and requirements…or worse yet, worrying about requirements that we may NOT have even considered.

Since we launched, in 2002, we have worked with a handful of IT service providers; while some were technically proficient while others instilled a level of confidence, Rick provided both. His demeanor and easy to understand explanations of his proposed solutions always made me feel as if we were in good hands and had made right decisions. The results (and/or lack of issues) over the years are proof that we actually did make the right decision in choosing Rick as our IT partner.

Specifically, we chose to work with Rick (and continued to do so) because we found him to be:

  1. Responsive: whenever we required help he was there or made time in his schedule to be there.
  2. Reliable: the work and solutions he provided were always top quality (i.e. without any after-the fact issues) AND always what we required (to address the specific need or problem).
  3. Understanding: Demonstrated an ability to listen and understand us and our specific needs. It never felt like we were being presented with a generic, cookie-cutter recommendation/solution.

I’d be pleased to recommend Rick Sparks, to any other organization, seeking an IT service provider that’s dedicated to his clients and takes pride in his work.”