With 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) business, RavenTech Consulting Ltd. brings much more to the table than your standard consulting firm.

IT Growth Strategy:  If you manage a company or are expanding one, the number one thing on your mind is sustainable growth. We offer a combination of IT strategic sustainability and recovery strategies that are designed around scalability and affordability.

Project Management:  We are often asked to oversee the strategies we recommend since we have a very clear idea of what needs to be done and when. It’s a great option if you are looking at sustainable growth without overburdening your existing management team.

Disaster Recovery:  Yes it happens and the bad news is that if it has not happened to you yet, then you should be expecting it. Data when lost is gone forever and if you do not have a redundant backup strategy in place, you are setting your business up for a tragic day of reckoning!  Sure this sounds melodramatic but we feel that this is so critical to the survival of your company that we can’t over stress the importance of it. Yes, we have a great solution that is not only going to give you “peace of mind” but secure your data.

Security:  Your data also has to be kept away from malicious entities and so we offer a very secure encrypted server solution that is hosted outside the US, Europe and ASIA.

Turn-Key IT Departments:  For many companies, the need to have a robust IT Department is in place so that you can offer premium IT services, which is sometimes just not affordable. How would you like to have us represent you for all the projects you are pitching for but require an IT angle to clinch the deal? Our White Label package might be just the thing.  We even have a “Turn-Key IT Department” package where we help you grow into your own IT execution service over time.