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Executive Management Team

Rick Sparks
Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Rick Sparks is the Chief Technology Officer & Founder of RavenTech Consulting. He is an experienced IT Project Management Consultant that has more than 25 years proven success record planning, designing, implementing and managing diverse information technology projects for small to medium sized businesses, multinational corporations, non-profit agencies/organizations, K-12 independent private schools, public schools, including colleges and universities across North America.

Rick has solid credentials including an Information Technology Degree, Networking and Support Engineer certification and Professional Contracting & Consulting Certification.

Rick is a highly respected IT expert with a clear, focused direction and has implemented creative IT solutions throughout his career. He has been instrumental in consistently delivering innovative world-class information technology solutions for business owners. His notable clients include Apple, Cisco, Motorola, The Energy Foundation to name a few.

Rick has perfected his consulting skills in planning and implementing complex projects during his 8 years consulting (1999-2007) in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley). As result of his successful IT projects within high-tech corporations in Silicon Valley. Rick was recruited by corporate executives to provide IT management and leadership at several prestigious wealthy private independent schools in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Rick also developed curriculum and taught Digital Video Multimedia courses at Stanford University and at Apple Inc.

Rick understands that high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. He has a strong understanding of the relationship between technology and strategic business interests to increase profit growth opportunities, productivity and competitive edge while simultaneously delivering significant reductions in the cost and ease of doing business.

Bob Garlick
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Over the past 35 years, Bob has been an Artist, Creative and Art Director, Designer, Photographer and Illustrator.  Bob started in the communications business many years ago as a Photographer for a weekly Canadian newspaper. He was the Creative Director for a content service agency he launched in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Through the years, Bob honed his skills for a wide variety of clients in Canada, USA, Japan, Thailand, and Indochina. He has worked for multinational advertising agencies and small startup organizations.  He has helped companies like; Coca-Cola, BMW, Intercontinental Hotels, SAS Airlines Lufthansa Airlines, AT Kearney, DDB Needham and Leo Burnett.

Bob has also helped Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as: The World Health Organization, Save the Children, Richmond Children First, Adoptive Family Association of BC and the Human Development Foundation.

He is a fun, creative and energetic leader with the ability to work through the toughest deadlines and guide creative teams to perform at their best. He brings energy, ideas and an open mind to every assignment.

Bob loves helping small and medium size businesses get more for their marketing budgets by providing innovative, cost effective solutions to classic marketing and communications problems.

Technical Support Team

Cam Townsend
Networking & IT Support Engineer

Cam Townsend has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in computer networking design, planning, implementation, technical support and consulting. He provides complete hardware and software solutions for remote First Nation communities, commercial operations, small businesses and remote non-Aboriginal communities throughout Western Canada.

Cams’ primary focus has been working with clients in remote locations requiring Internet access. Solutions included Satellite and Outdoor wireless networking technologies to enhance performance.

Cam has extensive experience providing Internet service for under-serviced locations in the Vancouver Lower mainland. He has deployed wireless networks to connect homes in the following communities: Kingcome, Ditidaht, Fraser Lake, Telkwa, Cross Lake, Shearwater and Tatla.

Cam worked as primary contractor to ESSI, coordinating and deploying Satellites to Schools in 41 First Nations communities around Manitoba. Cam has configured and installed Satellite Ka and Ku and C band turn-key solutions across Western Canada for corporate sites. He provided network consultation and development for various businesses.

Cam configured and setup workgroup messaging and collaboration, email, accounting, Internet security and anti-virus solutions, including online communities and integration of Microsoft Office in a networked environment.

Cam has received Academic credits from the University of Manitoba and has Continuing Adult Education Certification from the University of Manitoba. He has taught, faculty, staff and students on implemented technology solutions.

Lyle Fabian
Project Manager, Networking & GIS Specialist

Lyle Fabian is a highly accomplished, versatile and respected member of the Katlodeeche First Nation, located in the North West Territories. Lyle is a Senior Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) Project Management Consultant with over 12 years combined experience in technical knowledge, skills, delegation of authority, designing, planning and controlling successful projects.

Lyle has met strategic goals of organizations and used projects to meet those goals and worked within the organizations policies and procedures. Creative and innovative manager, administrator, public speaker, and entrepreneur, taking pride in ability to develop and launch new and diverse products.

Lyle has senior data networking experience primarily as a local area network (LAN) Administrator, utilizing knowledge of wide area networks (WANs) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for various First Nations administrations. He has earned designations as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Fiber Optic Certification (CFOT) from the Fiber Optic Association (FOA).

Lyle has a proven record of project management success evaluating, installing, and supporting all areas of the network and ensuring appropriate resolution of problems during network outages and/or periods of reduced performance. In addition, he has expertise in supporting software and hardware systems, which includes installing, configuring, modifying, and troubleshooting Windows Server 2008, Windows XP/ 7 /8 operating systems and website setup and development.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Technician with over 12 years information technology experience in the digital cartography and GIS for First Nation, Industry and Government. Excellent technical, communication, presentation, traditional knowledge gathering skills for ESRI Mapping Software.

Lyle is a very resourceful problem solver with proven ability to bring quick resolution to challenging situations. He has developed strong relationships with First Nation communities, Industry and Government through the use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge databases and GIS systems.